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Embracing Real-Time Payments: A Pathway to Growth

How can real-time payments help your business grow?

Consumer Experience: In the past decade, the rapid pace of change has dramatically transformed consumer expectations. No longer satisfied with 5–7-day shipping times, customers now expect two-day delivery or even same-day delivery. In many markets, grocery delivery in under one hour is becoming standard. This shift demands higher standards of speed and convenience across industries, including payments.

Payments: Real-time payments are a game-changer, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and trust in the payments space. Gone are the days of lengthy payment processing, as transactions can now be initiated, cleared, and settled within seconds - 24/7, including holidays and weekends.

Easier to deliver: It is easy to increase customer satisfaction and streamline the process with real-time payment delivery, thereby increasing the organization's efficiency.

Growing Trend: With almost 60 countries already implementing domestic real-time payment networks and more joining soon, RTP is becoming an enduring presence in the payments landscape. Global real-time transactions are expected to surpass 200 billion in 2023, up from roughly 70 billion in 2021. This rapid growth has the financial sector eager to participate in RTP's expanding opportunities.

How does Ren help your business grow?

We have three Ren Modules that assure a fast and easy RTP connection, greatly speeding up your time to market:

  • Ren API Gateway: A single API where data enters and exits Ren on the way to and from an RTP Clearing House.
  • Ren Data Transformer: The Data Transformer translates and matches any incoming message format to the required outgoing message format required by the RTP network.
  • Real-time Payment Service: Pre-Configured by Euronet, this module manages all the rules, timers, limits, and other elements of the real-time payment network you are joining. This reduces the burden on your technical team in preparing and managing the solution to meet the requirements of the RTP network.

Apart from these three modules, Digital Overlay Services are perhaps the most crucial component of an RTP solution. When your customers think about RTP transactions, they're considering their overall experience, and that's where Overlay Services come into play. Overlay Services refer to a blend of message parameters and front-end channels that shape the customer experience for RTP transactions. It's through these services that your financial institution can derive value, both in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue. Ren offers a comprehensive range of ready-made digital overlay services that can be integrated into your RTP solution, driving rapid adoption and appreciation of real-time payments.

To learn more about what Ren offers or why financial institutions and fintechs should be interested in joining an RTP network, please visit the following link:


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